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Wednesday January 19 2022 

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Covid 19 update and start of the Fall 2020 Season
Sep 14, 2020, 2:50 pm
In order to comply with all of the Health Department guidelines and to keep all of our players protected as much as possible, the following protocols are in place and must be adhered to:
  • Masks must be worn by all players, parents and coaches while moving into and out of the building.
  • Players should arrive 15 minutes or more before their scheduled game and must bring a signed consent form with them (available here and on the Epic Center website: http://www.epic-center.com/forms/Epic-Center-Visitor-Waiver-Release.pdf) or a parent can sign the waiver sheet upon entering at the front desk.
  • All coaches, referees, league officials and league volunteers must sign in upon entering the building and wear a mask at all times while in the building, (players do not have to wear a mask while playing!!)
  • Players should come to the rink as dressed as possible (wearing roller hockey pants with girdles/cups, jersey, shin pads and elbow pads. Helmets, gloves and skates put on inside the facility). After signing in players must go to the locker room to finish getting dressed. There will be a board with locker room assignments posted near the locker rooms. Simply find your team name and use the appropriate locker room. Players are not allowed to get ready at the picnic tables near the registration area nor near the benches.
  • There will be NO handshake line after the game (fist-bumps or elbow-bumps instead).
  • At this time no spectators are allowed in the building. Hopefully this rule will change soon. A limited staff of volunteers is necessary to help run the league (coaches, assistant coaches, referees, scoreboard operators, stat taker and registration table volunteers).
  • When players are moving from the locker room to the rink they must keep their helmet on or wear a mask.
  • Between games players leave the rink and bench area so Epic staff can disinfect.
  • Players must leave the game right after their last game is finished.
  • Please have your hockey bags labelled with your name to avoid anyone from accidentally going into your bag.
  • Please label all water bottles (Gatorade, Powerade) with your name to avoid someone accidentally drinking from your bottle)
  • Absolutely no sharing of water bottles.
  • Please wash your hands after the game with hand sanitizer at the scorekeepers area or registration table.
  • It's also a good idea for players to have masks and hand sanitizer in their bags and to keep their bags closed when not in use.
  • Thank you for your patience and understanding in helping us follow these measures so that we can keep the league open and give our players the chance to get back to enjoying the great sport of hockey! These guidelines will be updated regularly as we continue moving through NY State's various reopening phases. The Epic Center is using extreme diligence to make sure that their facility is clean and as disinfected as possible. A new air filtration system has been installed at the Center and state of the art electrostatic sprayers as well as conventional sprayers will be used to disinfect every surface at the facility before and after our games. More information on Epic Center's reopening guidelines can be found here: http://www.epic-center.com/reopening_guidelines.php
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